Source code for hail.experimental.expressions

import hail as hl
from hail.expr.expressions import expr_any, analyze
from hail.typecheck import typecheck

[docs]@typecheck(expr=expr_any, path=str, overwrite=bool) def write_expression(expr, path, overwrite=False): """Write an Expression. In the same vein as Python's pickle, write out an expression that does not have a source (such as one that comes from Table.aggregate with _localize=False). Example ------- >>> ht = hl.utils.range_table(100).annotate(x=hl.rand_norm()) >>> mean_norm = ht.aggregate(hl.agg.mean(ht.x), _localize=False) >>> mean_norm >>> hl.eval(mean_norm) >>> hl.experimental.write_expression(mean_norm, 'output/expression.he') Parameters ---------- expr : :class:`Expression` Expression to write. path : :obj:`str` Path to which to write expression. Suggested extension: .he (hail expression). overwrite : :obj:`bool` If ``True``, overwrite an existing file at the destination. Returns ------- None """ source = expr._indices.source if source is not None: analyze('write_expression.expr', expr, source._global_indices) source = source.select_globals(__expr=expr) expr = source.index_globals().__expr hl.utils.range_table(1).filter(False).annotate_globals(expr=expr).write(path, overwrite=overwrite)
[docs]@typecheck(path=str) def read_expression(path): """Read an :class:`Expression` written with :meth:`.experimental.write_expression`. Example ------- >>> hl.experimental.write_expression(hl.array([1, 2]), 'output/test_expression.he') >>> expression = hl.experimental.read_expression('output/test_expression.he') >>> hl.eval(expression) Parameters ---------- path : :obj:`str` File to read. Returns ------- :class:`Expression` """ return hl.read_table(path).index_globals().expr