Annotation Database


All functionality described on this page is experimental and subject to change.

This database contains a curated collection of variant annotations in an accessible and Hail-friendly format, for use in Hail analysis pipelines.

To incorporate these annotations in your own Hail analysis pipeline, select which annotations you would like to query from the table below and then copy-and-paste the Hail generated code into your own analysis script.

Check out the DB class documentation for more detail on creating an annotation database instance and annotating a MatrixTable or a Table.

Google Cloud Storage

Note that these annotations are stored in Requester Pays buckets on Google Cloud Storage. Buckets are now available in both the US-CENTRAL1 and EUROPE-WEST1 regions, so egress charges may apply if your cluster is outside of the region specified when creating an annotation database instance.

To access these buckets on a cluster started with hailctl dataproc, you can use the additional argument --requester-pays-annotation-db as follows:

hailctl dataproc start my-cluster --requester-pays-allow-annotation-db

Amazon S3

Annotation datasets are now shared via Open Data on AWS as well, and can be accessed by users running Hail on AWS. Note that on AWS the annotation datasets are currently only available in a bucket in the US region.

Database Query

Select annotations by clicking on the checkboxes in the table, and the appropriate Hail command will be generated in the panel below.

In addition, a search bar is provided if looking for a specific annotation within our curated collection.

Use the “Copy to Clipboard” button to copy the generated Hail code, and paste the command into your own Hail script.

Database Query
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