Source code for hail.context

import pkg_resources
from pyspark import SparkContext, SparkConf
from pyspark.sql import SQLContext

import hail
from hail.genetics.reference_genome import ReferenceGenome
from hail.typecheck import nullable, typecheck, typecheck_method, enumeration
from hail.utils import wrap_to_list, get_env_or_default
from import Env, joption, FatalError, connect_logger, install_exception_handler, uninstall_exception_handler
from hail.backend import Backend, ServiceBackend, SparkBackend

import sys
import os

class HailContext(object):
    def __init__(self, sc=None, app_name="Hail", master=None, local='local[*]',
                 log=None, quiet=False, append=False,
                 min_block_size=1, branching_factor=50, tmp_dir=None,
                 default_reference="GRCh37", idempotent=False,
                 global_seed=6348563392232659379, _backend=None):

        if Env._hc:
            if idempotent:
                raise FatalError('Hail has already been initialized, restart session '
                                 'or stop Hail to change configuration.')

        if pkg_resources.resource_exists(__name__, "hail-all-spark.jar"):
            hail_jar_path = pkg_resources.resource_filename(__name__, "hail-all-spark.jar")
            assert os.path.exists(hail_jar_path), f'{hail_jar_path} does not exist'
            sys.stderr.write(f'using hail jar at {hail_jar_path}\n')
            conf = SparkConf()
            conf.set('spark.driver.extraClassPath', hail_jar_path)
            conf.set('spark.executor.extraClassPath', hail_jar_path)

        self._gateway = SparkContext._gateway
        self._jvm = SparkContext._jvm

        # hail package
        self._hail = getattr(self._jvm, 'is').hail

        self._warn_cols_order = True
        self._warn_entries_order = True

        Env._jvm = self._jvm
        Env._gateway = self._gateway

        jsc = if sc else None

        if _backend is None:
            _backend = SparkBackend()
        self._backend = _backend

        tmp_dir = get_env_or_default(tmp_dir, 'TMPDIR', '/tmp')

        version = read_version_info()
        hail.__version__ = version

        if log is None:
            log = hail.utils.timestamp_path(os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'hail'),
        self._log = log

        # we always pass 'quiet' to the JVM because stderr output needs
        # to be routed through Python separately.
        # if idempotent:
        if idempotent:
            self._jhc = self._hail.HailContext.getOrCreate(
                jsc, app_name, joption(master), local, log, True, append,
                min_block_size, branching_factor, tmp_dir)
            self._jhc = self._hail.HailContext.apply(
                jsc, app_name, joption(master), local, log, True, append,
                min_block_size, branching_factor, tmp_dir)

        self._jsc = = sc if sc else SparkContext(gateway=self._gateway, jsc=self._jvm.JavaSparkContext(self._jsc))
        self._jsql_context = self._jhc.sqlContext()
        self._sql_context = SQLContext(, jsqlContext=self._jsql_context)

        super(HailContext, self).__init__()

        # do this at the end in case something errors, so we don't raise the above error without a real HC
        Env._hc = self

        self._default_ref = None
        Env.hail().variant.ReferenceGenome.setDefaultReference(self._jhc, default_reference)

        jar_version = self._jhc.version()

        if jar_version != version:
            raise RuntimeError(f"Hail version mismatch between JAR and Python library\n"
                   f"  JAR:    {jar_version}\n"
                   f"  Python: {version}")

        if not quiet:
            sys.stderr.write('Running on Apache Spark version {}\n'.format(
            if self._jsc.uiWebUrl().isDefined():
                sys.stderr.write('SparkUI available at {}\n'.format(self._jsc.uiWebUrl().get()))

            connect_logger('localhost', 12888)


                'Welcome to\n'
                '     __  __     <>__\n'
                '    / /_/ /__  __/ /\n'
                '   / __  / _ `/ / /\n'
                '  /_/ /_/\\_,_/_/_/   version {}\n'.format(version))

            if version.startswith('devel'):
                sys.stderr.write('NOTE: This is a beta version. Interfaces may change\n'
                                 '  during the beta period. We recommend pulling\n'
                                 '  the latest changes weekly.\n')
            sys.stderr.write(f'LOGGING: writing to {log}\n')


    def default_reference(self):
        if not self._default_ref:
            self._default_ref = ReferenceGenome._from_java(Env.hail().variant.ReferenceGenome.defaultReference())
        return self._default_ref

    def stop(self):
        Env.hail().HailContext.clear() = None
        Env._jvm = None
        Env._gateway = None
        Env._hc = None
        Env._dummy_table = None
        Env._seed_generator = None

    def upload_log(self):

[docs]@typecheck(sc=nullable(SparkContext), app_name=str, master=nullable(str), local=str, log=nullable(str), quiet=bool, append=bool, min_block_size=int, branching_factor=int, tmp_dir=str, default_reference=enumeration('GRCh37', 'GRCh38'), idempotent=bool, global_seed=nullable(int), _backend=nullable(Backend)) def init(sc=None, app_name='Hail', master=None, local='local[*]', log=None, quiet=False, append=False, min_block_size=1, branching_factor=50, tmp_dir='/tmp', default_reference='GRCh37', idempotent=False, global_seed=6348563392232659379, _backend=None): """Initialize Hail and Spark. Parameters ---------- sc : pyspark.SparkContext, optional Spark context. By default, a Spark context will be created. app_name : :obj:`str` Spark application name. master : :obj:`str` Spark master. local : :obj:`str` Local-mode master, used if `master` is not defined here or in the Spark configuration. log : :obj:`str` Local path for Hail log file. Does not currently support distributed file systems like Google Storage, S3, or HDFS. quiet : :obj:`bool` Print fewer log messages. append : :obj:`bool` Append to the end of the log file. min_block_size : :obj:`int` Minimum file block size in MB. branching_factor : :obj:`int` Branching factor for tree aggregation. tmp_dir : :obj:`str` Temporary directory for Hail files. Must be a network-visible file path. default_reference : :obj:`str` Default reference genome. Either ``'GRCh37'``, ``'GRCh38'``, or ``'GRCm38'``. idempotent : :obj:`bool` If ``True``, calling this function is a no-op if Hail has already been initialized. """ HailContext(sc, app_name, master, local, log, quiet, append, min_block_size, branching_factor, tmp_dir, default_reference, idempotent, global_seed, _backend)
[docs]def stop(): """Stop the currently running Hail session.""" if Env._hc: Env.hc().stop()
[docs]def spark_context(): """Returns the active Spark context. Returns ------- :class:`pyspark.SparkContext` """ return Env.hc().sc
[docs]def default_reference(): """Returns the default reference genome ``'GRCh37'``. Returns ------- :class:`.ReferenceGenome` """ return Env.hc().default_reference
[docs]def get_reference(name) -> 'hail.ReferenceGenome': """Returns the reference genome corresponding to `name`. Notes ----- Hail's built-in references are ``'GRCh37'``, ``GRCh38'``, and ``'GRCm38'``. The contig names and lengths come from the GATK resource bundle: `human_g1k_v37.dict <>`__ and `Homo_sapiens_assembly38.dict <>`__. If ``name='default'``, the value of :func:`.default_reference` is returned. Parameters ---------- name : :obj:`str` Name of a previously loaded reference genome or one of Hail's built-in references: ``'GRCh37'``, ``'GRCh38'``, ``'GRCm38'``, and ``'default'``. Returns ------- :class:`.ReferenceGenome` """ if name == 'default': return default_reference() else: return hail.ReferenceGenome._references.get( name, hail.ReferenceGenome._from_java(Env.hail().variant.ReferenceGenome.getReference(name)) )
[docs]@typecheck(seed=int) def set_global_seed(seed): """Sets Hail's global seed to `seed`. Parameters ---------- seed : :obj:`int` Integer used to seed Hail's random number generator Returns ------- :class:`.ReferenceGenome` """ Env.set_seed(seed)
def read_version_info() -> str: # return pkg_resources.resource_string(__name__, 'hail_version').decode().strip() @typecheck(url=str) def _set_upload_url(str): Env.hc()._jhc.setUploadURL(url)
[docs]@typecheck(email=nullable(str)) def set_upload_email(email): """Set upload email. If email is not set, uploads will be anonymous. Upload email can also be set through the `HAIL_UPLOAD_EMAIL` environment variable or the `hail.uploadEmail` Spark configuration property. Parameters ---------- email : :obj:`str` Email contact to include with uploaded data. If `email` is `None`, uploads will be anonymous. """ Env.hc()._jhc.setUploadEmail(email)
[docs]def enable_pipeline_upload(): """Upload all subsequent pipelines to the Hail team in order to help improve Hail. Pipeline upload can also be enabled by setting the environment variable `HAIL_ENABLE_PIPELINE_UPLOAD` or the Spark configuration property `hail.enablePipelineUpload` to `true`. Warning ------- Shares potentially sensitive data with the Hail team. """ Env.hc()._jhc.enablePipelineUpload()
[docs]def disable_pipeline_upload(): """Disable the uploading of pipelines. By default, pipeline upload is disabled. """ Env.hc()._jhc.disablePipelineUpload()
[docs]@typecheck() def upload_log(): """Uploads the Hail log to the Hail team. Warning ------- Shares potentially sensitive data with the Hail team. """ Env.hc()._jhc.uploadLog()
def _set_flags(**flags): available = set(Env.hc()._jhc.flags().available()) invalid = [] for flag, value in flags.items(): if flag in available: Env.hc()._jhc.flags().set(flag, value) else: invalid.append(flag) if len(invalid) != 0: raise FatalError("Flags {} not valid. Valid flags: \n {}" .format(', '.join(invalid), '\n '.join(available)))