Source code for hailtop.frozendict

from typing import TypeVar, Dict, Generic
from import Mapping

T = TypeVar("T")
U = TypeVar("U")

[docs]class frozendict(Mapping, Generic[T, U]): """ An object representing an immutable dictionary. >>> my_frozen_dict = hl.utils.frozendict({1:2, 7:5}) To get a normal python dictionary with the same elements from a `frozendict`: >>> dict(frozendict({'a': 1, 'b': 2})) Note ---- This object refers to the Python value returned by taking or collecting Hail expressions, e.g. ``mt.my_dict.take(5)``. This is rare; it is much more common to manipulate the :class:`.DictExpression` object, which is constructed using :func:`.dict`. This class is necessary because hail supports using dicts as keys to other dicts or as elements in sets, while python does not. """ def __init__(self, d: Dict[T, U]): self.d = d.copy() def __getitem__(self, k: T) -> U: return self.d[k] def __hash__(self) -> int: return hash(frozenset(self.items())) def __len__(self) -> int: return len(self.d) def __iter__(self): return iter(self.d) def __repr__(self): return f'frozendict({self.d!r})'