Source code for hail.ggplot.labels

from .geoms import FigureAttribute

class Labels(FigureAttribute):
    def __init__(self, title=None, xlabel=None, ylabel=None, group_labels={}, **kwargs):
        self.title = title
        self.xlabel = xlabel
        self.ylabel = ylabel
        self.group_labels = group_labels

    def apply_to_fig(self, fig_so_far):
        layout_updates = {}
        if self.title is not None:
            layout_updates["title"] = self.title
        if self.xlabel is not None:
            layout_updates["xaxis_title"] = self.xlabel
        if self.ylabel is not None:
            layout_updates["yaxis_title"] = self.ylabel


        for legend_group, label in self.group_labels.items():
            fig_so_far.update_traces({"legendgrouptitle_text": label}, {"legendgroup": legend_group})

    def merge(self, other):
        new_title = other.title if other.title is not None else self.title
        new_xlabel = other.xlabel if other.xlabel is not None else self.xlabel
        new_ylabel = other.ylabel if other.ylabel is not None else self.ylabel
        new_group_labels = {**self.group_labels, **other.group_labels}

        return Labels(title=new_title, xlabel=new_xlabel, ylabel=new_ylabel, group_labels=new_group_labels)

[docs]def ggtitle(label): """Sets the title of a plot. Parameters ---------- label : :class:`str` The desired title of the plot. Returns ------- :class:`.FigureAttribute` Label object to change the title. """ return Labels(title=label)
[docs]def xlab(label): """Sets the x-axis label of a plot. Parameters ---------- label : :class:`str` The desired x-axis label of the plot. Returns ------- :class:`.FigureAttribute` Label object to change the x-axis label. """ return Labels(xlabel=label)
[docs]def ylab(label): """Sets the y-axis label of a plot. Parameters ---------- label : :class:`str` The desired y-axis label of the plot. Returns ------- :class:`.FigureAttribute` Label object to change the y-axis label. """ return Labels(ylabel=label)
def labs(**group_labels): """Sets the labels for the legend groups of a plot. Examples -------- Create a scatterplot and label the legend groups according to their field names: >>> ht = hl.utils.range_table(10) >>> ht = ht.annotate(squared=ht.idx ** 2) >>> ht = ht.annotate(even=hl.if_else(ht.idx % 2 == 0, "yes", "no")) >>> ht = ht.annotate(threeven=hl.if_else(ht.idx % 3 == 0, "good", "bad")) >>> fig = ( ... hl.ggplot.ggplot(ht, hl.ggplot.aes(x=ht.idx, y=ht.squared)) ... + hl.ggplot.geom_point(hl.ggplot.aes(color=ht.even, shape=ht.threeven)) ... + hl.ggplot.labs(color="Even", shape="Threeven") ... ) Parameters ---------- group_labels: Map names of plotly ``legendgroup``s to the desired replacement labels. Returns ------- :class:`.FigureAttribute` Label object to change the legend group labels. """ return Labels(group_labels=group_labels)