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from hail.genetics.reference_genome import reference_genome_type
from hail.typecheck import typecheck_method, oneof

[docs]class Locus(object): """An object that represents a location in the genome. Parameters ---------- contig : :obj:`str` Chromosome identifier. position : :obj:`int` Chromosomal position (1-indexed). reference_genome : :obj:`str` or :class:`.ReferenceGenome` Reference genome to use. Note ---- This object refers to the Python value returned by taking or collecting Hail expressions, e.g. ````. This is rare; it is much more common to manipulate the :class:`.LocusExpression` object, which is constructed using the following functions: - :func:`.locus` - :func:`.parse_locus` - :func:`.locus_from_global_position` """ @typecheck_method(contig=oneof(str, int), position=int, reference_genome=reference_genome_type) def __init__(self, contig, position, reference_genome='default'): if isinstance(contig, int): contig = str(contig) self._contig = contig self._position = position self._rg = reference_genome def __str__(self): return f'{self._contig}:{self._position}' def __repr__(self): return 'Locus(contig=%s, position=%s, reference_genome=%s)' % (self.contig, self.position, self._rg) def __eq__(self, other): return (isinstance(other, Locus) and self._contig == other._contig and self._position == other._position and self._rg == other._rg) def __hash__(self): return hash(self._contig) ^ hash(self._position) ^ hash(self._rg)
[docs] @classmethod @typecheck_method(string=str, reference_genome=reference_genome_type) def parse(cls, string, reference_genome='default'): """Parses a locus object from a CHR:POS string. **Examples** >>> l1 = hl.Locus.parse('1:101230') >>> l2 = hl.Locus.parse('X:4201230') :param str string: String to parse. :param reference_genome: Reference genome to use. Default is :func:`~hail.default_reference`. :type reference_genome: :obj:`str` or :class:`.ReferenceGenome` :rtype: :class:`.Locus` """ contig, pos = string.split(':') if pos.lower() == 'end': pos = reference_genome.contig_length(contig) else: pos = int(pos) return Locus(contig, pos, reference_genome)
@property def contig(self): """ Chromosome identifier. :rtype: str """ return self._contig @property def position(self): """ Chromosomal position (1-based). :rtype: int """ return self._position @property def reference_genome(self): """Reference genome. :return: :class:`.ReferenceGenome` """ return self._rg