Getting Started


Batch is a Python module available inside the Hail Python package located at hailtop.batch. The Batch Service additionally depends on the Google Cloud SDK.

Installing Batch on Mac OS X or GNU/Linux with pip

Create a conda enviroment named hail and install the Hail python library in that environment. If conda activate doesn’t work, please read these instructions

conda create -n hail python'>=3.9'
conda activate hail
pip install hail

Installing the Google Cloud SDK

If you plan to use the Batch Service (as opposed to the local-only mode), then you must additionally install the Google Cloud SDK.

Try it out!

To try batch out, open iPython or a Jupyter notebook and run:

>>> import hailtop.batch as hb
>>> b = hb.Batch()
>>> j = b.new_job(name='hello')
>>> j.command('echo "hello world"')

You’re now all set to run the tutorial!