class hailtop.batch.resource.ResourceGroup(source, root, **values)

Bases: Resource

Class representing a mapping of identifiers to a resource file.


Initialize a batch and create a new job:

>>> b = Batch()
>>> j = b.new_job()

Read a set of input files as a resource group:

>>> bfile = b.read_input_group(bed='data/example.bed',
...                            bim='data/example.bim',
...                            fam='data/example.fam')

Create a resource group from a job intermediate:

>>> j.declare_resource_group(ofile={'bed': '{root}.bed',
...                                 'bim': '{root}.bim',
...                                 'fam': '{root}.fam'})
>>> j.command(f'plink --bfile {bfile} --make-bed --out {j.ofile}')

Reference the entire file group:

>>> j.command(f'plink --bfile {bfile} --geno 0.2 --make-bed --out {j.ofile}')

Reference a single file:

>>> j.command(f'wc -l {bfile.fam}')

Execute the batch:



All files in the resource group are copied between jobs even if only one file in the resource group is mentioned. This is to account for files that are implicitly assumed to always be together such as a FASTA file and its index.