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Cheatsheets are two-page PDFs loaded with short Hail Query examples and even shorter explanations. They push you over all the little roadblocks.
Query Docs
When you need to find detailed information on how to get started with Hail Query, examples of Hail Query use, and how a function works: the reference document is your go to. To do a quick search of a Hail Query function, try out the search bar in the documentation.
Batch Docs
For all your massively scalable compute needs, check out the Hail Batch reference documentation.
Ask a question
When you reach a blocking issue with your analysis using Hail, and you think you are unable to find an answer to your question via the documentation, search through or ask a question on our Forum! It is highly recommended -- your question may be able to serve another person in our ever growing Hail community.